Thursday, December 21, 2017

La petite adresse a new place on des Sources

We had our Christmas lunch there.

It is a nice place, but I was surprised by the menu: serving breakfast all day. And the prices are on the high end with a glass of wine for 9$. They didn't have several choices on the menu.

They only had one meat meal and it was a beef brisket.

On the menu it comes with a soup, the main and a desert.

I opted for just a main, which is different from the menu, where it is served with pasta. As a la carte it is served with an egg and potatoes a much more spectacular version. It was more than enough for a meal and I didn't go for a desert offered graciously, it was a chocolate mousse good portion of cake.

Looking for caviar

I like caviar, black and others. While pregnant I was looking for caviar but it was embargo times. My friend sent me a picture of a hamburger one layer of red caviar and one layer of black.

I purchased mainly from Euromix, every year for new year they have a different sort. I tried mudfish caviar, which surprisingly I enjoyed. They had other sorts as well like Divine and organic caviar. I bought from La Mer caviar from Ile St-Pierre, for 114$ 100g. I tried the one from Marche de l'Atlantique, a place supplying restaurants. This was an Italian caviar 140$ for 100g. I tried Accadian one from website. It was good, a bit expensive. 99$ for 50g, of a fine roe caviar.

This year I found at Costco store for 67.99$ for 50g. It isn't bad, not too salty Italian. I also purchased a 100g from Euromix for 120$, Italian as well.

From costco:

Friday, October 27, 2017

My Friday meal

A salad and roast chicken with potatoes, pepper belle, and onions. I use orange juice to roast chicken, duck and porc sometimes. It gives some sweetness but also some acidity to the roasts and caramelises to give a spectacular look.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Moules marinieres and croutons

Mussels are really easy to cook, with white wine onions garlic I made mariniere sauce and then I grilles baguette with garlic butter for a delicious meal.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Plov and Indian beans curry

I have coked a plov (pilaf) and a beans curry

Some Montreal West Island restaurants

40 West on Sources, I went with Onion Soup, and it was delicious.

Maiko Sushi,Sushi and Sashimi, always spectacular presentation.